We’ll help you transfer college credits and line up financial aid and scholarships so you can transition effortlessly

Whether you’re making the 从社区大学转学 or another four-year program, Davenport University has a dedicated transfer admissions team to help you get the most transfer college credits, connect you with financial aid and provide the guidance you need every step of the way. 

At Davenport, we offer multiple transfer pathways so you can make the most of your previous college credits. 

And here’s what makes Davenport really stand out among other universities: We accept up to 90 transfer credits and offer ways for your full associate degree to count. 询问澳门新葡京网址的A2B产品, through which we accept your entire associate degree so you only have to take 60 more credits to complete a bachelor's degree. 

如果这些选择不符合你的转会目标,你可以选择 customize your own transfer plan.

你也可以从以前的工作经历中获得大学学分, military service, projects, 认证和澳门新葡京网址.

Our experts are here to help you maximize your transfer college credits and apply them toward your Davenport degree so you can finish faster. 


这是你和澳门新葡京网址转学招生组的第一次联系, 你会有人支持你的每一步. 他们会了解你和你的目标, then help you get everything in place — from entrance advising to transcript evaluations, 获得奖学金和其他一切.

在你的招生代表的帮助下, you’ll have a more accurate transfer plan that will ultimately put you on the fast track to graduation, 帮你节省时间和金钱.

A campus to call home 

选择澳门新葡京网址的学生 W.A. Lettinga Campus in Grand Rapids will find a variety of residential living communities to choose from, 包括为保护隐私而设置的公寓式宿舍, 舒适和——也许是最重要的——个人空间, 因为提供独立的卧室. 澳门新葡京网址也有校园 Detroit, Lansing and 中部-五大湖湾. With these options, you're sure to find the academic program and learning environment that best fits you. 


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Looking to 从社区大学转学 或者另一所四年制大学? Or maybe you’ve taken some time off from college and are wondering whether your credits will transfer? 您的澳门新葡京网址转机代表会来帮您. 澳门新葡京网址是密歇根州最适合转学的大学之一, 这包括给你的合格培训项目加分 military experience. Our experts will help you get the most transfer college credits toward your degree so you can finish faster.

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澳门新葡京网址让教育负担得起. That’s why our tuition is one of the lowest of all private colleges and universities in Michigan. Our designated financial aid counselors and admissions reps will also work with you to build a personalized financial aid package with a focus on affordability and ongoing one-on-one support. 这里有个大新闻 所有转校生都有转校生奖学金 等着他们申请, because we want to help our students advance and don’t want finances to stand in the way.

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Connect with us

We want you to see firsthand why Davenport could be the right fit for your continued education. Schedule a personal visit or virtual meeting with a dedicated admissions representative who focuses on transfer students to go over any questions about the campus, programs, 转移学分和财政援助. Or you can schedule a campus tour with a student ambassador either virtually or in person — whatever works best for you. 或者参加澳门新葡京网址的校园活动! 机会无穷无尽.

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Flexible learning

澳门新葡京网址在七个校区提供晚间和日间课程 locations 为了配合你繁忙的日程安排. 澳门新葡京网址还提供了一套数字化的学习格式 Online+ to give you the access you need to the education you want, all on your own time.

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澳门新葡京网址澳门新葡京网址有适合每个人的东西. Some transfer students decide to change their major once they get to Davenport, 而其他人则清楚地知道他们要去哪里. In fact, we offer more than 80 career-ready degree and certificate programs in business, technology, health and urban education — all of which are taught by industry professionals and will better prepare you for a fast start in emerging, sought-after careers. 不管你选择攻读哪个学位课程, 你将有无数的实践学习机会, 把课本上的知识运用到生活中.


Apply to Davenport

如果你准备好成为澳门新葡京网址的转学生,欢迎! 现在开始您的免费应用程序. 因为澳门新葡京网址知道像你这样的转学生很忙, you’ll have the option to save your application progress and come back to finish it. 如果您有任何问题,请给澳门新葡京网址转学招生团队发邮件 info@elembarazoyelmagnesio.com 或者打免费电话给澳门新葡京网址 800.686.1600

Choose from more than 40 student organizations and 44 athletic teams for you to join
100% employment guarantee means you could be eligible for additional education benefits if you aren’t employed within six months of graduation

Transfer friendly

有很多转到澳门新葡京网址的途径. We accept up to 90 transfer credits and offer ways for your full associate degree to count so you only have to take 60 more credits to complete a bachelor's degree. 如果这些选择不符合你的转会目标,你可以选择 customize your own transfer plan. 安排一个时间与你的个性化招生代表见面


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帮助你负担得起教育费用, 澳门新葡京网址提供广泛的经济援助选择, including scholarships for transfer students that are renewable if you maintain standards of academic progress.





Courses you’ve taken elsewhere might have a different name but may be equivalent to courses at Davenport and could count as transfer college credits toward your Davenport degree.



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As the first online learning community in Michigan, Davenport’s Global Campus continues to lead. Over 50 Davenport degrees are through our Online+ experience offering flexibility for busy transfer students like you.



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这里有75支以上的运动队, 学生俱乐部,社会和娱乐组织, 澳门新葡京网址有适合每个人的东西. 加入澳门新葡京网址每周的事件,包括电影,僵尸跑步和澳门新葡京网址.



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澳门新葡京网址提供各种各样的住宅生活社区 W.A. Lettinga Campus in Grand Rapids. Transfer students like you will find fun programs that will help you feel a sense of community.



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When you expand your educational horizons beyond the Davenport campus to places like the Netherlands, Rome and Spain, 你会发展跨文化技能,这将使你受益终生.




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